[TRANS] Ceci September Issue Wooyoung Interview




The first time he flickered across in my path, he seemed to be a young boy who looked even younger than I thought. When we met for a photo shoot for the second time, he was still brimming with raw and delightful energy. For the third time, an obviously grown-up and experienced appearance was a welcoming sight. Thus, he picked out the growing pains of the harsh 20s one by one. As if it was nothing.

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[TRANS] GRAZIA August No. 35 Junho Interview


“I think that I should not spare myself for anything. I don’t want to be stuck at home even for an hour. Because I am young. My goal is to be busy with this work. I wish that my face was plastered on the most remote convenience stores.”


It works out because I like it

We didn’t know that when we saw him in 2PM. It feels like we’re finally seeing neatly piled-up heaps of experience. We discovered Junho anew in “Cold Eyes”. It was also reasonable that he was consecutively cast in another commercial movie. With the filming of “Memories of the Sword” completed, he is about to start filming for “Twenty” as one of the lead characters, while he is still having his 2nd solo tour in Japan. He is expected to appear on the national stage with 2PM in autumn. With writing music and lyrics as a given, he also drafts ideas for music video and compiles the performance set-list. As you think how it is possible to do everything at once, he is actually all fidgety that he can’t do anything more. He’s as greedy (for work), as he is talented. “I like being busy, and I would like to be even busier. Since I like it, when I try doing it everything seems to work out.”

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[TRANS] Junho Hanako no. 1069

The Hottest Mystic

Midsummer mystic.

Junho, who appeared before us wearing the atmosphere of a regular adult, once again.
"Becoming an adult is sad," he laughs, then faces forward, adding, "I want to sing for those wanting to realize their dreams."

The second story. He has brought us his second solo mini album, “FEEL.”

I believe that if I keep a firm grip on the center of my being,
I will be able to arrive at my designated place.

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[TRANS] Oh Boy Junho Interview 2014


Oh Boy Lee Junho Interview

Just like he had filled up our studio with bright energy 2 years ago, Junho came to Oh Boy again.

Idol, actor and the person who always inspires people around him and even the fans to do good deeds – the positive energizer Junho talked about his recent life and work.


It’s been a long while, please tells us what you’ve been up to.

We’re preparing for 2PM activities. We’ve already completed the music video filming, jacket photo shoot and all the recordings. We’re going to release the album as soon as possible. We were supposed to come back in April, but then it got pushed to June, and now the final time limit is set for September. We haven’t decided on the exact date yet, but it should be somewhere around that time. Since the audio recording and music video are complete (that was around February and March), we’re now applying the final touches for the preparation. Personally, my solo album was announced in Japan, and we’re releasing it on July 9th. During the album activities, the nationwide concert tour in Japan starts on July 3rd.

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[TRANS] Junho BAILA August 2014 Interview

Hey, come a bit closer
FEEL “JUNHO (From 2PM)”!

JUNHO (From 2PM) has returned with his 2nd album “FEEL,” which is more pop and fashionable than his previous work “Kimi no Koe” which was innocent. With his cute smiling face and high level of acrobatics and dancing abilities, we unraveled the blond haired 24 year old’s “present life” using 26 characters for an A to Z interview!

This is the actual size of Junho’s hand!
"Jun. K saw me hold the mic with my hand, and said something to the point of, ‘Your hands are so nice and big. Your face looks small when you hold the mic,’ that’s how big they are. Did you know? Out of the group, Chansung and I have big hands of about the same size." We’re showing you the actual size of Junho’s hand. Let’s relish what it would be like to high 5 him.

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[TRANS] Junho Rankingbox interview

JUNHO (From 2PM)
2nd solo work that gives off a radiant charm
The wish he wants to convey from his heart

Nearly a year has passed since his 1st solo mini album “Kimi no Koe” but JUNHO (From 2PM) has returned! His 2nd solo mini album “FEEL,” which is long-awaited by fans, is to go on sale July 9th. Similar to his previous work, he composed the lyrics and music, and was even in charge of producing this work, which glitters full of liveliness! Up-tempo, medium tunes, ballad numbers, and so on, all 6 songs shine with their own unique color. JUNHO told us, “I want to try all kinds of music. There’s no anxiety,” when we interviewed him.

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[TRANS] Junho Oricon Interview (FEEL)

An explosion of real talk as we narrowed in on his inner self☆
A close investigation on how he matured as an artist!

2PM member JUNHO is releasing his 2nd album “FEEL”! Gaining even more self-confidence from that which he attained with his 1st album, JUNHO has once again composed the lyrics and music, as well as produced this work, completely himself. We are naturally reporting to you JUNHO’s real talk about his inner self and the growth he received as an artist from this work.

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[TRANS] Junho AneCan August 2014

A Kiss From Junho (From 2PM)♥

Super popular artist who refrained from performing solo at Nihon Budokan, Junho from 2PM.
To commemorate our 7th anniversary since launching, we decisively took action during our hectic schedule to do a special photoshoot!
Coming to you so that you may also receive a kiss from him on your Cruciani C bracelet♥

Message for AneCan
"Happy 7th anniversary, AneCan!
For us 2PM, it’s also the 7th year since our Korean debut,
but I think it’s really amazing to be able to continue for 7 years.
Please keep on running like this until it’s the 70th anniversary.”

[photo caption] A kiss to this month’s issue’s gift “Cruciani C bracelet”♥

7 Keywords that Illustrate Junho

A profound analysis of Junho-san’s diverse charms using 7 keywords.
He authorized these 7 things himself as things he’s “concerned with”♥

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[TRANS] Junho anan No. 1911

JUNHO (From 2PM)

A direct hit on the increasingly appealing Junho-san!
What his ideal “grown man” is, what he will be like in 10 years,
the now, and the change that has awoken inside himself….
He spoke to us openly and frankly about these things.

"In 10 years, I want to stay the way I am now. I don’t want to become big-headed."

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[TRANS] Vivi August - Junho Interview

ALL ABOUT Junho from 2PM

Junho Kaitai Shinsho [t/n: This title is a play on “Kaitai Shinsho,” a breakthrough medical book that was translated from the original Dutch book “Anatomische Tabellen.” The title would therefore translate to “New Book of Dissecting Junho.”]

Junho of 2PM, Asia’s No.1 Beast Idols, is set to release his second solo mini album as a continuation from last summer. Masculine acrobatic performances, a cute smiling face, and the distress he sometimes shows… Out of all the various faces he shows, one after another the fans are confused wondering “Which is the real Junho!?” Junho who has plunged into his 2nd stage of solo promotions, was dissected body and mind here at ViVi☆

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